AI Smart Tally System

The recognition accuracy rate is as high as 99.8%, which surpasses the traditional OCR technology, and the identification accuracy of tally operation reaches an unprecedented 99.8%, completely replacing tally clerks.
The quick identification is completed in milliseconds, whether it is the number on the container or the information and status that need to be identified in various tally operation situations.
We can breakthrough iambic and lighting limits. Even in the case of raining, strong light, fogging and other relatively bad weather, we can make the identification as long as it can be manually identified.
Incomplete character recognition simulates the principle of human brain neurons and can quickly identify broken characters.
The flexible function modules can enable smart upgrade of each tally operation and port machinery according to user requirements through modular means.
Quay crane unmanned intelligent operation
Rubber-tired gantry crane anti-collision and semi-autonomous driving
Rail-mounted gantry crane/rubber-tired gantry crane automatically catches and releases containers
Manipulator automatically disassembles container locks
Manipulator automatically disassembles container locks
Cart anti-lift device

Unmanned horizontal transportation system in port areas

westwell’s self-driving car brand Qomolo focuses on the commercial vehicle sector
We not only provide unmanned vehicles, but also offer complete solutions for autonomous driving
Creating value for the users is our starting point

Autonomous container truck
based on artificial intelligence

Autonomous straddle carrier
based on artificial intelligence

WellGNS intelligent dispatching system for port vehicles

WellGNS – 3D intelligent interface platform
Task scheduling
Vehicle management
Remote monitoring
Data sharing
Task scheduling
Remote monitoring
Vehicle management
Data sharing

The groundbreaking WellGNS intelligent dispatching system for port vehicles can seamlessly connect to the TOS system in each port, so that each operation instruction can be responded most promptly and accurately. Based on the real-time location of the vehicle and the remaining energy, as well as the congestion situation of each region, the system allows intelligent and reasonable allocations of vehicles for task undertaking, and ensures that transportation and operations can be carried out in the most efficient and safest way in the port.



In active response to the government’s call for green, zero-emission terminals, all systems will adopt new energy power in the future, which will not only help to achieve zero-emission terminal transportation, but also reduce the energy consumption of each vehicle by 66%, saving costs and protecting the environment.


new energy power

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